About us

Surplus value since 1992

About us

Since 1992 Frank Müller Immobilien has been successfully established on the market. Since starting in the residential real estate business, we have continually developed into a comprehensive quality service provider in the real estate industry.

Our highly specialized team stands by your side in the residential real estate sector and as a professional broker for commercial objects or portfolio deals. We support you during your project development or we completely assume the responsibility for you. As an appraiser with keen knowledge of the market, we assess your property and, together with you, plan the necessary steps of development.

Responsibility — the advantage for you takes centre stage in our thoughts and actions.

Competence — thanks to our team with specialized university education in real estate and with international, top-quality degrees, our broad knowledge and comprehensive experience are your keys to success.

Integrity — is a self-conception for us and means that with every offer analysis we check if your desired results are obtainable for us whilst taking into account the real estate, economic and tax general conditions.

Discretion — is necessary in order to be able to calmly reach the hidden goal together—for you as the seller / landlord as well as for you as the potential buyer or renter.